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Information for editors

Manuscripts will be submitted to the Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) via an online submission process. The authors may optionally suggest what area, if any, they feel is appropriate for their paper. The EiCs will assign the paper to an Associate Editor who in turn will assign the papers to reviewers. Upon receipt of a minimum of three reviews, the Associate Editor will recommend a decision to the EiCs who will confirm the decision. After this confirmation, the Associate Editor will then send the decision to the author (s).

Each Associate Editor should aim to achieve a critical mass of favourable opinion before recommending a paper for acceptance. Papers must have strong favourable reviews in order to be accepted and any less-favourable reviews must be dealt with through a revision and resubmission process, or through extra reviews. Papers lacking favourable reviews will not be invited for resubmission. Editors should seek diversity in reviews so that a range of institutions are represented.

TWEB aims to return responses to authors within three months of submission. Associate Editors can help ensure this by following up reviewers for late reviews not submitted after 6 weeks of receiving the manuscript.

When passing reviews back to authors, please ensure that the reviews are suitably anonymous (you may wish to consult reviewers about any comments which may identify them).

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